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The term “Jumping Buddha”, comes from “Fo Tiao Qiang”, the phrase used in an uncommonly delicacy which means “the Buddha jumps over the fence”. It is a dish consisting of very unique, high quality ingredients. While being prepared, its aroma permeates the air so pungently that the Buddha would break out from his meditation and jump over the fence for a taste of such a delicacy.

The Ensemble was formed in 1997 by a group of outstanding professional musicians specializing in the traditional music of China. The Jumping Buddha Ensemble offers Chinese music demonstrations, from traditional to contemporary composition; from ensemble to instrumental solo, and uses Chinese traditional music instruments to perform adapted Western music. Musicians also offer private lessons and group lessons. Instruments include stringed: erhu (two-stringed fiddle), gaohu, zhonghu. Plucked: Pipa (short-neck Chinese lute), guqin (table harp), zhong, ruan yueqin, zhang. Winded: Sheng (mouth organ), dizi and suona (flutes), Yangqin, and various percussion instruments.

Programs Catagory:

a) Chinese Traditional Music
b) Cantonese Music
c)“Jiang Nan Si Zhu” (Silk and Bamboo) Music
d) Beijing Opera
e) Folk music representing different provincial and minority music
f) Contemporary and Chinese pop music

Performances by the Jumping Buddha Ensemble is ideal for:

a) Concerts
b) Musicial Festivals
c) Movie Audios
d) Parties and Receptions
e) Special events
f) Weddings
g) Seminars and Conferences, and etc...