Peng Lu

Peng Lu

PENG LU---Yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer)

Peng Lu started her performance career at the tender age of six. Her formal training began in 1978 when she entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Secondary School to study Yangqin and Piano. In 1981, she was advanced to the undergraduate program at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied with Professors Guo Ming-Qin and Hong Sheng-Mao.

Critics praised Peng Lu’s style is implicit, sincere and elegant.


B.A. of Music---Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai, China (1985)
Studied “Marimba” with Professor Kenneth Watson at University of Southern California. (1989)


---Premiere performance of “Petrel” in Shanghai, China. (1984)
---Faculty member at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. (1985-1989)
---Toured with the Shanghai Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center,
New York. (1990)
---Solo debut Yangqin recital with Taipei Traditional Orchestra, Taipei, Taiwan
---Solo performer at the Walt Disney World and won “10 Years of Outstanding
Performance”. (1992-2002)
---Performed with the Hong Kong Traditional Orchestra (1995)
---Published C.D.: “Sea Swallow” and “Recalling” with the Shanghai Film
Traditional Orchestra; “White Peony” with the Shanghai Philharmonic



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